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But the human essence is no abstraction inherent in each single individual. The thoughts and actions of humankind are presented, not as a collective activity, but as the work of isolated individuals. This is not insignificant--especially in contemporary America with the large role played by T. Man must prove the truth — i.

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Hand and brain

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  1. We now know what Descartes did not know about the workings of nature, the world of molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles, of the electric impulses that govern the workings of the brain.
  2. Given Marx's description of consciousness, we would expect that particular social conditions would be characterized by a particular variety of consciousness.
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  5. S. Diamond & D. J. Struik, Marx's "First Thesis" on Feuerbach - PhilPapers

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Descartes and dualism

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Theses On Feuerbach

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Theses On Feuerbach by Karl Marx

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