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The digital manuscript format and advanced digital manuscript format and layout services can be purchased in conjunction with an edit or as stand-alone services. Rather, your client will appreciate the following: That you understand and respect their problems. This is what Melanie Thompson calls the "comparators approach" Thompson ; pp. Trim sizes include pocket book, digest 5. The proofreading rates you choose to accept or the jobs you turn down are up to you. These discussions have helped me to think more broadly about how I can test different pricing structures for different types of customer.

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  • When I first started out as a freelancerI took editing jobs because I had to.
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  • Some publishers offer fixed fees for a whole job; others offer a fixed rate per hour and ask for work to be completed within a maximum budgeted number of hours.
  • Online proofreading services usually employ a combination of employees and freelance proofreaders, so when you hire a proofreading company to edit your documents, freelance proofreaders may well be actually performing the work.
  • Given that you are an editorial business professional, you're entitled to build a fee structure that reflects this.

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How to Establish Proofreading Rates

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