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She explored her stomach and her backside, satisfied with the way everything felt—strong, but also soft. Good writers will evoke the unique sense of place by inserting ordinary sounds, such as the clink of glasses, the tinkle of happy banter, the drip of a faucet in an abandoned building, the screech of tires from a car racing away from the scene of a crime. Writers rely most heavily creative scent descriptions when things smell either really good or really bad. What happens after? Have students close their eyes as you produce one of the sounds.

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  2. How to Use the Five Senses for Inspiration in Your Writing
  3. In fantasy or science fiction, there are endless possibilities you could explore by playing with a character's sense of balance.
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  • She explored her stomach and her backside, satisfied with the way everything felt—strong, but also soft.
  • Descriptive Language & Using Our Senses | A Descriptive Writing Lesson

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How to Amplify Your Writing with the Five Senses – Britt Skrabanek

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creative writing using five senses college papers for sale online

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